The Little Book of Coffee - Quotes/ Statements/Recipes
The Little Book of Coffee - Quotes/ Statements/Recipes
The Little Book of Coffee - Quotes/ Statements/Recipes

The Little Book of Coffee - Quotes/ Statements/Recipes

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A Collection of Quotes, Statements and Recipes for Coffee Lovers

There are more ways to enjoy your java than there are coffee beans on the tree, so whether you like your coffee topped with artisan foam or black as the night sky there’s something for everyone!

Bringing together the finest blend of recipes, clever statements and quips from connoisseurs the world over, this book celebrates the majestic coffee bean. 

Makes an ideal, high quality, gift for coffee lovers.

Hardback Book: 160 pages
Language: English
Publisher: Summersdale / 8 March 2018
Published In: Chichester, United Kingdom.
Category: hygge 
Product Size: 10.16 x 2.29 x 13.34 cm
ASIN: 1786852616
RRP: £6.99
Ethical Check: paper/card, Eco packaging, sent local

    About Author/Publisher

    Founded in 1990, Summersdale is a vibrant publisher that puts its heart and soul into creating exceptional books. Providing entertaining, informative and innovative content in the genres of travel writing, general non-fiction, health and well-being,  gift and humour. 

    High standards of editing, design and production are essential elements in all of their products. Summersdale’s books are also published digitally as eBooks and audiobooks.


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    4/5 ( average of 28 ratings by Goodreads) 

    Charity Product

    This product, also, supports the annual UK COFFEE WEEK initiative. Profits from the sale of this book, made during that week and the rest of the year, along with others in our  'Coffee Warms The Soul' Collections  across Coralee, are sent on to their current charity.

    For 2020 funds will support Project Waterfall - 

    See Coralee's Emporium Blog Post, Here