Aquamarine Fine Jewellery - Sterling Silver Bracelet :- Genuine Gemstone 7.51 / 8.69cts
Aquamarine Fine Jewellery - Sterling Silver Bracelet :- Genuine Gemstone 7.51 / 8.69cts

Aquamarine Fine Jewellery - Sterling Silver Bracelet :- Genuine Gemstone 7.51 / 8.69cts

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INCLUDES Suppliers Certificate of Authenticity

Absolutely Beautiful, Fine Jewellery  - 

A Limited Edition, Sterling Silver Bracelet, made with Brazilian, Pedra Azul, Aquamarine Gemstones.

Available is 2 sizes:- Option A - 7 inch & Option B - 8 inch lengths

N.B. Colour: Describing the colours of things is subjective but to help you make your purchase, we at Coralee's Emporium describe this Aquamarine Gemstone as Clear Baby blue when held up to the light.


  • Aquamarine: 19 x oval shaped gems, from Brazil, in a claw setting. Each oval gem is a approx 4mm x 6mm.
  • Choose Option A: min 7 inch 19 gem bracelet - Total Carat Weight of Aquamarine - 7.51cts (avg)
  • Choose Option B: min 8 inch 22 gem bracelet - Total Carat Weight of Aquamarine - 8.69cts (avg)
  • Cut of Gem: Brilliant
  • Treatment: Our supplier says these gems have been Irradiated
  • INCLUDES: Suppliers Certificate of Authenticity
Supplied in Gift/Storage Box. 

Ethical Check

The supplier of this Pendant is a UK family business that sources gemstones from across the globe direct from the communities that mine them, ensuring the quality and trace-ability of the stone used. They advocate ethical practices, and inspire greater hope and purpose for the remotest of gemstone communities. They then design and produced this Pendant, so we at Coralee's Emporium, are confident you will be happy with the quality, design and great value for your genuine gemstone purchase. For more information about this supplier please feel free to contact us.



In the healing world of crystals, yang (clear) Aquamarine resonates with a vibrant throat chakra and clear pathways of communicating the authentic self to others. The colour of this gem is associated with the Ascended Master El Morya: blue the first ray: the will of God, faith and power.  This vibration is for those that have cleared the majority of their ego emotions and is ready to work for community, the group via inspiration.

A yang Aquamarine will be difficult to wear for someone with confused, stifled, stuck, blocked energy or disassociated from their emotions. The gentler route in this case is to wear or hold yin Aquamarine (opaque). Search Coralee's Emporium for other Aquamarine crystals.