Aquamarine Pendant - Sterling Silver :- Genuine Gemstone 12.50ct
Aquamarine Pendant - Sterling Silver :- Genuine Gemstone 12.50ct

Aquamarine Pendant - Sterling Silver :- Genuine Gemstone 12.50ct

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INCLUDES Suppliers Certificate of Authenticity

A Limited Edition:-
Designer Genuine Aquamarine Pendant made of Sterling Silver in a soft square Cushion shape setting. (1 of 97 Pieces) Please note Necklace not included. 

One genuine Brazilian Aquamarine Gemstone Average 12.50ct in a Bezel setting and with a Briolette faceted cut. Aquamarine is a gem that is at risk of fading in strong sunlight over time. Keep your gem stored in the presentation pouch included when you aren't wearing.

Aquamarine has a vitreous lustre and a translucent quality giving this pendant a soft gentle YIN/Feminine look and feel.

Describing colours of things is subjective but to help you make your purchase, we at Coralee's Emporium describe this Aquamarine as Icy Blue (with a hint of sea green).

The Little Book of Crystals - by Philip Permutt, states Aquamarine helps you when you have something you need to say, keeping you calm and communicating clearly.

More Mind, Body and Spirit aspects of Aquamarine Gemstones


  • Brazilian Aquamarine Gemstone Average 12.50ct
  • Average metal weight 3.37g
  • Approx size of pendant is 16.00 x 16mm
  • Made in Jaipur India. 

Ethical check

The supplier of this Pendant is a UK family business that sources gemstones from across the globe direct from the communities that mine them, ensuring the quality and trace-ability of the stone used. They advocate ethical practices, and inspire greater hope and purpose for the remotest of gemstone communities. They then design and produced this Pendant, so we at Coralee's Emporium, are confident you will be happy with the quality, design and great value for your genuine gemstone purchase. For more information about this supplier please feel free to contact us.

This Aquamarine gemstone is stated as Treatment: Not Enhanced

Aryonna Pendant Only Necklace not included.