Plant Seeds: Clematis tangutica (Chinese Clematis)

Plant Seeds: Clematis tangutica (Chinese Clematis)

Venus & Neptune's Creations
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5 seeds of, lemon yellow Clematis tangutica (a Perennial Climber) in a hand made pretty paper envelope and paper seed scoop.

Deciduous Climber. 

Louise Ann says "I have found these plants easy to grow from seed, here in Essex, UK. They shoot up whenever I have popped them in a pot. The trick to grow the seedling into a plant is to give it the support to grow upwards, right from the start. These being climbers by nature do not do well if left without a climbing frame - a small thin stick to start, later a trellis, obelisk or another plant like a climbing rose.

Collected from a UK garden established plant 

  • Plant Grower: Venus & Neptune's Creations
  • Ethical Check: Paper packaging | Grown without pesticides & in certified organic soil.
  • PDF: Coming soon.

 To read/print off, the suitability & plant-care suggestions,  from Venus & Neptune's Creations, please click on the download link. 

As a flower lover you may wish to learn about #PetalMagic, we recommend Suzy Chiazzari's wonderful book called Flower Readings. 


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