Cat Anti Scratch Spray

Cat Anti Scratch Spray

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Natural anti-scratch spray to calm cats and deter them from scratching furniture.

Keep your cats away from your furniture with our cruelty-free cat scratch spray. Made with 100% natural essential oils, including orange, citrus and lemongrass, it’s designed to deter cats while leaving your home smelling fresh.

Our cat anti scratch spray is a non-sticky, non-staining formula. You can spray it directly onto furniture and any areas that are off-limits to feline friends. Completely harmless, the citrus scent which smells wonderful to us humans acts as a repellent to cats. The fragrance is not only safe, but it's also naturally calming, which means a calmer, happier cat and no more scratches.

How to Use

Simply spray the no scratch cat spray directly onto areas to be protected. Reapply every 2-3 days until your cat stops scratching, then once a week to keep them away from the area. 

Although our cat scratch spray has been thoroughly tested, always patch test initially to ensure no discolouration.


Here at Cooper and Gracie, we’re passionate about creating all-natural pet-care products. Our cat scratch spray is free from chemicals, preservatives and irritants, ensuring it’s safe for all the family. The unique blend of natural essential oils will protect your furniture while calming your cat.

Ingredients: citrus, orange and lemongrass.