CD Magical Meditations 4 Kids: Magical Me
CD Magical Meditations 4 Kids: Magical Me

CD Magical Meditations 4 Kids: Magical Me

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New Item: Physical card-boxed CD, printed with delightful children-style artwork & state-of-the-art recording form Diviniti Publishing Ltd.

This Auditory, 5 track, Magical Meditations 4 Kids by Heather Bestel is part of a meditation series which introduces children to the world of relaxation and helps them find their inner calm. Heather Bestel is a very experienced psychotherapist who has worked with children developing and building their self esteem and confidence since 1994.Put simply, Heather is a therapist and storyteller who loves working with children. She has a special kind of magic that makes people feel good about themselves. 

Running Time: 33.45 mins


  • 1. Happy & Relaxed
  • 2. Floating on a Cloud
  • 3. Calm & Peaceful
  • 4. Magic Rainbow 5 My Angel

Suggested uses: 1-1 listening suitable for children ages 4-7; bedtime or quite family-time or long journeys; circle-time in clubs or primary schools. (Also for retraining older kids & adult brains to find the magic, fun and space of imagination & relaxation)

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* This product was gifted to us by Divinity Publishing Ltd when they printed new cover artwork, as they know Louise Ann works with children, with retained infant reflex, neuro-processing, and learning issues. Any monies made from the sale of these products goes toward supporting clients who are wishing to help their children emerge out of these limited and uncomfortable states but are financially challenged.

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