Citronella Wash for Horses
Citronella Wash for Horses

Citronella Wash for Horses

Cooper & Gracie
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Natural citronella wash to soothe itchy skin and wash away all biting pests.

Our citronella wash for horses contains only the very best all-natural essential oils. Free from chemicals and irritants, the citronella washes away biting pests such as ticks and mites while soothing itchy, bitten skin. The nourishing formula keeps horse skin and hair soft and shiny, preventing it from drying out.

Our citronella wash has the added bonus of containing an antiseptic, which aids itchy insect bitten skin. The fast-absorbing formula provides instant soothing from bites to reduce scratching and discomfort, making it the perfect addition to your horse’s grooming routine.

How to Use

Apply the citronella wash liberally to your horse’s coat. Massage into the skin thoroughly, rinse through and repeat as necessary.


Here at Cooper and Gracie, we strive to produce the best quality products for our pets. We’re passionate about using all-natural and cruelty-free ingredients. We promise you’ll never find a synthetic oil, chemical or irritant in our citronella wash, ensuring it’ll always be kind to skin.

All our equine products are free from prohibited substances under The BHA (The British Horse Racing Authority) and The FEI (The International Federation for Equestrian Sports) rules.

Ingredients: citronella, citrus, coconut, chamomile and aloe vera.