Scaly Legs and Feet Gel for Chickens and Poultry

Scaly Legs and Feet Gel for Chickens and Poultry

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Natural gel to eliminate bacteria and instantly calm scaly leg mites in chickens

As a poultry owner, you’re likely familiar with scaly leg mites. These pesky mites can cause havoc for chickens, burrowing under the scales on their legs, causing them discomfort. Often found in damp conditions in the ground and floor of chicken coops, they can spread quickly.

Our healthy legs and feet gel is specially designed to soothe itchy skin and prevent scaly leg mites in chickens. The 100% natural gel is a gentle plant-based alternative to some harsher treatments on the market. It contains no chemicals or parabens to ensure it’s entirely safe for all chickens. Not only does it remove mites and biting pests, but it also instantly calms the skin. The gel also cleanses the legs and feet of bacteria and fungi for soft, healthy skin.

Why choose our healthy legs and feet gel for your chickens?

  • 100% natural and environmentally friendly ingredients
  • Free from chemicals and parabens
  • Safe to use regularly to prevent scaly leg mites
  • Removes irritating mites and other biting pests
  • Eliminates bacteria and fungi
  • We’re so confident you’ll love it, we’re offering 90-day hassle-free returns

How to Use

Use our gel regularly to keep chicken legs and feet clean and healthy. Apply it directly to poultry legs and feet, rubbing it in gently.


Here at Cooper and Gracie, we’re passionate about providing 100% natural products to improve all pets' health and well-being. Our healthy legs and feet gel is made using all-natural plant-based ingredients. You won’t find any chemicals or parabens, ensuring it’s hypoallergenic and completely safe to use as part of your regular chicken care routine.