Seagrass Storage Basket With Handles - Medium

Seagrass Storage Basket With Handles - Medium

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These seagrass cary storage baskets (without a lid) are hand-woven using naturally sourced materials, hence no two baskets are ever the same. The basket comes complete with 2 wooden handles on either sides which facilitate ease of carrying.

The baskets are lightweight but sturdy.

These rectangular baskets can be used to prepare small to medium sized hampers or display storage; organise the kids cupboards; store small articles of clothing in your own cupboards. The basket can, also, used in guest rooms, in offices, or in the bathroom. To store vegetables in them as they 'breath', unlike plastic, preventing sweating.


Item : NEW Storage Basket (Medium Size)
Materials:100% Seagrass & Wooden handles
                  Weaved on metal frame which makes basket sturdy
Size: Dimensions: 32.5 x 23.5 x 9.5 cms
Brand: WoodLuv
System: other sizes available | Nesting for easy storage & transport

Ethical Check

If you are looking to purchase non-plastic or recycleable items, this basket is 100% Seagrass woven onto a metal frame making it a contender for sustainable shopping.