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A little bit of Energy Resonance Information drawn from experience in the Healing & Wellbeing Field. 

Rose Quartz

This semi precious gem has adorned ornaments and jewellery since  ancient  times.


Soothing, Calming, Gentle Energy, Self Love

Associated with:- 

Chakra Resonance:- Higher Heart (Light Pink Colour Rays)

Quality - Unconditional love & self-acceptance, Self Love, Supports Self Esteem by helping you to get to know your True Self and love yourself truly.

Rose Quartz Crystal is definitely a Higher Heart gem, known in the energy healing field for its gentle, soothing, unconditional love vibrations. Often known as the heart stone. In subtle energy healing like Kinesiology, the Higher Heart Chakra  vibrates to pale pink.

  • Ascended Master, Lady Nada's pink flame.
  • Aphrodite The Greek Goddess of Love & Beauty.
  • Venus the Planet of Relating and Values.
  • The Constellation of Taurus - inner & outer resources.
  • The Constellation of Libra - relating to other than self.
  • Feminine / Yin Receptive Qualities
  • Earth Angel Realm: Incarnated Angel
  • Aura Soma - Lady Nada Quintessence & Bottle 52 

The more transparent the crystal, the more yang energy it possesses.
The more translucent the crystal, the more yin energy it possesses.

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