Happy World Water Day!

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If you didn’t know we have product collections that support UKCOFFEEWEEK, where a percentage of the profits from the sale of the items are passed onto Project Waterfall, to help coffee growing communities around the world.

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Today is World Water Day

- and to celebrate, Project Waterfall, shared an update from their project in Jabi Tehnan to share with us all. 

The past 6 months have been tough on the coffee industry, from coffee farms to cafes across the globe. During this time, we’ve remained committed to coffee growing communities in Jabi Tehnan, supporting our delivery partners WaterAid as they navigate the challenges of COVID-19 to ensure universal access to water, sanitation and hygiene for people living in Weynima and Mankusa. 

We’re excited to announce that despite the challenges, our partners on the ground have made some huge leaps in our work to bring clean water to the Weynima and Mankusa communities. We’ve published a full update here. 

Today is a day to celebrate water – and we’d like to thank you for everything you do to support those less fortunate than yourself gain access to this basic yet life changing human right. Please feel free to follow us:

Instagram: @project_waterfall
Twitter: @projectwaterf
LinkedIn & Facebook: Project Waterfall

Very best, Rebecca Hodgson  - Head of Project Waterfall


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