Dissolve The Problem - by Shifting Physical Reality - Richard Dotts
Dissolve The Problem - by Shifting Physical Reality - Richard Dotts
Dissolve The Problem - by Shifting Physical Reality - Richard Dotts
Dissolve The Problem - by Shifting Physical Reality - Richard Dotts

Dissolve The Problem - by Shifting Physical Reality - Richard Dotts

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Why solve a problem when you can DISSOLVE it?

In this paperback book, Dissolve The Problem, bestselling author and spiritual explorer Richard Dotts tackles one of the most pertinent aspects of everyday living—how to deal with the myriad of “problems” that we face in our daily lives.
Be it financial, health, relationship, family or career problems, Richard puts forth the ground-breaking premise that some problems are so persistent in our lives precisely because we have attempted to “solve” and analyse them for so long. In the process, we have inevitably come to identify ourselves as inseparable from these various issues in our life.
In his trademark style that has endeared him to readers worldwide, Richard masterfully weaves in spiritual principles to explain why our conventional ways of “solving” a problem have actually led to more disappointments than successes. He shows us why anytime we attempt to solve a problem by working through it or finding out the reasons for it, we unknowingly perpetuate its existence in our everyday reality.
As Richard puts it, “If all your hard work could have led to a solution, you would have found it already. Perhaps there is a better way.” 

Richard explains that the only permanent way is to dissolve a problem completely using spiritual means. 

Dissolving a problem means letting it go so completely from your life that the original conditions which created the problem cannot even exist. 

By tapping into these powerful Universal Laws that have always been available to us, we can instantly shift into a realm where the initial problem does not even exist. When there are no problems, then there is no need for physical solutions in the first place. 

When dissolving longstanding problems in our lives, Richard teaches that it does not matter what the specifics of your problems are. It does not matter whether you are faced with financial, health or relationship concerns. Neither does it matter how long you’ve had these problems for. The Universe perceives none of the physical limitations of time and space that are apparent to you. The Universe is never interested in the specifics of your problem. Therefore, these steps to dissolve a problem apply equally to all issues.

In this new book, Richard teaches a powerful three-step process that allows anyone to dissolve the longstanding problems in their lives. This three-step process is so different from other outward-oriented techniques because it is not about positive thinking, denial, acting “as if,” or analysing the problem in great detail. Instead, the dissolving process sidesteps all this and directly focuses on our primary roles as powerful Creators and Focusers of Universal energy.  When you understand your role as a director of Universal energy, you will instantly be able to redirect these creative energies from the undesired to the desired aspects of your life.
What happens then, is a spontaneous dissolving of the various issues in your life without your active intervention.


Condition: NEW
Paperpack Book: 110 pages
Language: English
Category: Mind, Body, Spirit
Author:  Richard Dotts
Publishers: Create Space Independent Publishing Platform (11/05/2016 1st Print Ed)
Printed In: UK by Amazon
ISBN-10: 1533007012
ISBN-13: 978-1533007018
Dimensions: 12.7 x 0.6 x 20.3 cm
Ethical Check: Printed in Great Britain, Paper/Card

    About The Author

    Richard Dotts is a modern-day spiritual explorer. An avid student of ancient and modern spiritual practices, Richard shares how to apply these timeless principles in our daily lives. For more than a decade, he has experimented with these techniques himself, studying why they work and separating the science from the superstition. In the process, he has created successful careers as an entrepreneur, business owner, author and teacher. Leading a spiritual life does not mean walking away from your current life and giving up everything you have. The core of his teachings is that you can lead a spiritual and magical life starting right now, from where you are, in whatever field you are in. You can make a unique contribution to the world, because you are blessed with the abilities of a true creator. By learning how to shape the energy around you, your life can change in an instant, if you allow it to!

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