Game - Cast The Crystals, Oracle Boxed Set
Game - Cast The Crystals, Oracle Boxed Set
Game - Cast The Crystals, Oracle Boxed Set
Game - Cast The Crystals, Oracle Boxed Set
Game - Cast The Crystals, Oracle Boxed Set
Game - Cast The Crystals, Oracle Boxed Set

Game - Cast The Crystals, Oracle Boxed Set

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Cast these stones to receive the insight and wisdom you need - A compact  divination reflection tool.

"Cast The Crystals" draws on crystal wisdom to give you the answers to any question. And, with everything you need neatly tucked into the box, you can see what the future holds for you and your friends, wherever you are. The casting-board options add depth to this fun, easy-to-use divination system, and the book give details interpretations for every crystal combination.

Box Kit Contains:

  • 3 polished crystals for YES/NO, general & specific queries.
  • Divining bag.
  • Book of instruction.
  • Double sided, portable casting board, 23.8cm square when constructed.
  • All compactly contained in a 9.4cm cubed storage box.
  • A great travel companion.


Condition: NEW ITEM
Mixed Media Product: - 160 pages
Author: Ronald L. Bonewitz
Language: English
Publisher: Welbeck Publishing Group |  Connections Book Publishing Ltd
Published: 01 Oct 2009
Published In: United Kingdom
Product Size: 8.5 x 9.1 x 8.5 cm
Ethical Check: Paper/Card, Eco packaging, sent local

     About The Author

    Dr Ronald Louis Bonewitz holds degrees and qualifications in a number of disciplines. Originally he trained as a geologist, and was a professional pilot, flying both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. He is a decorated Vietnam veteran.

    He has a PhD in Behavioural Science, where his professional interest lies in personal development psychology. He has given hundreds of personal development courses and lectures world-wide and he has written a number of apparently New Age books, attempting to steer the readers into genuine areas of personal and psychological development.

    He is also a trained technical writer, and as such has written a number of professional papers and reports, many of which were written under industrial or other secrecy agreements.

    Other activities have ranged from working as a Reserve Police Officer in Broomfield, Colorado to volunteer blacksmithing at the Weald and Downland Open-air Museum in Sussex, England.

    Dr Bonewitz moved to England in 1978, where he still resides. His interest in history is enriched by his hobby of metal detecting, where he has found coins and artefacts from the pre-Roman occupation of Britain to the present day.

    He works on a consulting basis for an auction house in his specialties of gems, minerals, and fossils.

    Several of his early books were written under his teaching name at the time, Ra Bonewitz.